Friday, December 15, 2006

NY Times video: Vista versus OS X

You know, if it' wasn't NY Times Online I would have mistaken that clip for some Comedy Central stuff (check out the funny font they are using). This is hilarious: NY Times video about Vista not copying Mac

screenshot of NY Times Online e-mail with that video URL
I hope somebody uploads it to YouTube soon in order to embed in this post :)

Have a nice ("windows-free"*) weekend!

* well, sadly-technically my neighbour from Barcelona is supposed to install WindowsXP all over again because it failed to boot yesterday (after we connected my DVI 20" monitor. Shocking :D XP feature, right?) I admit, I laughed like a bastard after we tried 5-6 different solutionos to the DVI problem.

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filipp said...

Playing devil's advocate here for a sec:
* Spotlight. MS has always done this - take something and make it look upside down. Remember the DOS prompt? What bothers me about this kind of copying the most is that it really stifles innovation. Why does MS think that Apple's solution is the best?
* Dashboard Widgets. Apple doesn't really have a say in this. Remember Konfabulator?
* Chess. It was just a matter of time. Everyone knows it so it's the best time killer you can bundle. Marble and wood are the same? Aren't those the two basic materials that chessboards are made of? If you ask me, they should've just included "Plastic" too.